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22nd Judicial Circuit - Michael J. Sullivan, Chief Circuit Judge

Judiciary & Judicial Assignments

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Court Rooms and Judge Assignments

101 Juvenile 
Christopher M. Harmon, Associate Judge
102 Traffic 
David R. Gervais, Circuit Judge
103 Civil
John D. Bolger, Associate Judge
104 Criminal Misdemeanor
Mark R. Gerhardt, Associate Judge
201 Civil 
Thomas A. Meyer, Associate Judge
202 Civil 
Michael J. Chmiel, Circuit Judge, Presiding Judge Civil Division
203 Domestic Violence, Mental Health and Drug Court
Michael W. Feetterer, Circuit Judge
204 Civil 
Kevin G. Costello, Associate Judge
301 Criminal Misdemeanor Jury
Joel D. Berg, Associate Judge
302 Felony 
James S. Cowlin, Circuit Judge
303 Criminal Misdemeanor Jury
Robert A. Wilbrandt, Circuit Judge
304  Felony 
Sharon L. Prather, Circuit Judge, Presiding Judge Criminal Division
357 Criminal Division Special Assignment
Jeffrey L. Hirsch, Associate Judge
358 Civil 
Suzanne C. Mangiamele, Associate Judge
359 Family
Mary H. Nader, Associate Judge

360 Family

Michael E. Coppedge, Associate Judge

361 Family 
Mark R. Facchini, Associate Judge

365 Family Division Special Assignment

Tiffany E. Davis, Circuit Judge