County Board Members

County Board Members:

The McHenry County Board: Front Row (Left to Right): Larry Smith (District 6), Donald Kopsell (District 3), Tina Hill (District 5), Chairman Joseph Gottemoller (District 3), Yvonne Barnes (District 1), John Jung Jr. (District 5), John Hammerand (District 4), Michael Walkup (District 3). Middle Row (Left to Right): Michele Aavang (District 6), Anna May Miller (District 1), Chuck Wheeler (District 4), Carolyn Schofield (District 2), Bob Martens (District 4), Bob Nowak (District 1), Ken Koehler (District 2), Jim Heisler (District 2), Donna Kurtz (District 2), Diane Evertsen (District 6). Back Row (Left to Right): Michael Skala (District 5), Michael Rein (District 5), Sue Draffkorn (District 4), Andrew Gasser (District 1), Mary McCann (District 6).

District 1
Yvonne Barnes Yvonne Barnes
h: 847-516-2719
Andrew Gasser Andrew Gasser
h: 850-866-0155
AMiller Anna May Miller
h: 847-639-5112
w: 847-639-2700

Robert Nowak Robert "Bob" Nowak
h: 847-977-5516
District 2
James L. Heisler James L. Heisler
h: 815-459-1971
w: 815-459-0171
Jeffrey Thorsen Jeffrey Thorsen
h: 815-455-5452
w: 815-923-2728
Donna Kurtz Donna Kurtz
h: 815-788-0632
w: 815-353-5972
Carolyn Schofield Carolyn Schofield
w: 815-341-2440
District 3
Joseph Gottemoller Joseph Gottemoller
h: 815-382-9940
w: 815-459-5152
Donald Kopsell Donald C. Kopsell
h: 815-459-7206
Chris Christensen

Chris Christensen
h: 815-334-7225


Michael J. Walkup Michael J. Walkup
h: 815-477-8978
w: 815-459-7090
District 4
Sue Draffkorn Sue Draffkorn
h: 815-653-6057
John D. Hammerand John D. Hammerand
h: 815-728-0700
Bob Bartens Bob Martens
h: 815-675-6353
w: 815-354-9300
Charles "Chuck" Wheeler Charles "Chuck" Wheeler
w: 815-307-8525
District 5
Tina Hill Tina Hill
c: 815-347-4222
John Jung Jr. John Jung, Jr.
h: 815-338-6201
Michael Skala Michael Skala
h: 847-669-3804
w: 815-337-5550
Michael Rein Michael Rein
h: 815-337-3740
District 6
Michele Aavang Michele Aavang
h: 815-648-4210
Diane Evertsen Diane Evertsen
h: 815-943-3298
w: 815-943-3298
Mary T. McCann Mary T. McCann
h: 815-568-1061
Larry Smith Larry W. Smith
h: 815-353-8043