McHenry County Department of Health

Board of Health

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Mary Foszcz
Mary Foszcz
William McNerney, DDS
William McNerney, DDS
Vice President
Ted Lorenc, MD
Ted Lorenc, MD
Mary McCann
Mary McCann
County Board
William Stinson, MD
William Stinson, MD
Joseph Clarke
Joseph Clarke
David Faccone 2
David Faccone
Cindy Gaffney
Cindy Gaffney
Linnea Axman, DrPH, MSN
Linnea Axman, DrPH, MSN
Laura Hatch, LPN
Laura Hatch, LPN
Juliana Morawski, RN
Juliana Morawski, RN

The McHenry County Board of Health generally meets on the fourth Monday of each month at 7:00 PM, in the Second Floor Conference Rooms of the County Administration Building, 667 Ware Road, Woodstock. The public is welcome to participate in Board of Health meetings. Meetings currently scheduled are listed below:

To testify before the Board of Health please complete the sign-in sheet and step forward during the "Public Comment" time, when the President asks for anyone wanting to address the Board of Health. Introduce yourself with your name and address. If possible, limit your comments to three minutes.

 Email the Board of Health: BoardofHealth@co.McHenry.IL.US

2017 Board of Health Meeting Schedule

Date Agenda minutes
January 23 Agenda [PDF] Minutes [PDF]
February 27 Agenda [PDF] Minutes [PDF] 
March 27 Agenda [PDF] Minutes [PDF]
April 24 - Finance Committee Agenda [PDF]  Minutes [PDF]
April 24 Agenda [PDF] Minutes [PDF]
May 22 - Cancelled  


June 26

Agenda [PDF] Minutes [PDF]
July 24 - Finance Committee  Agenda [PDF]  
July 24 Agenda [PDF]  
August 28    
September 25    
October 23    
November 27    
December - No Meeting    


2016 Board of Health Agendas & Minutes

Date Agenda minutes
January 11 - Special Meeting Agenda [PDF] Minutes [PDF]
January 11 - Ad Hoc Committee Agenda [PDF]  
January 25 - Personnel Committee  Agenda [PDF]  
January 25 Agenda [PDF] Minutes [PDF]

February 22 - Regulation & Ordinance Committee

Agenda [PDF]  
February 22 Agenda [PDF] Minutes [PDF]
March 28 Agenda [PDF] Minutes [PDF]
April 25 Agenda [PDF] Minutes [PDF]
May 23 Agenda [PDF] Minutes [PDF] 
June 27 - Finance Committee Agenda [PDF] Minutes [PDF]
June 27 Agenda [PDF]  Minutes [PDF]
July 12 - Plan., Reg., Ord., & Pub. Rel. Comm. Agenda [PDF]  Minutes [PDF]
July 25 Agenda [PDF]  Minutes [PDF]
Aug. 22 - Plan., Reg., Ord., & Pub. Rel. Comm. Agenda [PDF]  

August 22

Agenda [PDF]  Minutes [PDF]
September 26 Agenda [PDF]   Minutes [PDF]
October 24 Agenda [PDF]  Minutes [PDF]
November 28-Personnel Committee      Agenda [PDF]   
November 28 Agenda [PDF]  Minutes [PDF]
December - No Meeting    


2015 Board of Health Agendas & Minutes

Date Agenda minutes
January 26 Agenda [PDF] Minutes [PDF]
February 23 Agenda [PDF] Minutes [PDF]
March 10 - Special Meeting Agenda [PDF] Minutes [PDF]
March 23 Agenda [PDF] Minutes [PDF]
April 27 Agenda [PDF] Minutes [PDF]
May 18 Agenda [PDF] Minutes [PDF]
June 22 Agenda [PDF] Minutes [PDF]
July 8 - Special Meeting Agenda [PDF] Minutes [PDF]
July 27 Agenda [PDF] Minutes [PDF]
August 24 Agenda [PDF] Minutes [PDF]
September 28 Agenda [PDF] Minutes [PDF]
October 26 Agenda [PDF]  Minutes [PDF]
November 23 Agenda [PDF]  Minutes [PDF] 
December 17 - Ad Hoc Committee Agenda [PDF] Minutes [PDF]


2014 Board of Health Agendas & Minutes

Date Agenda minutes
February 3 Agenda [PDF] Minutes [PDF]
February 24 Agenda [PDF] Minutes [PDF]
March 24 Agenda [PDF] Minutes [PDF]
April 28 Agenda [PDF] Minutes [PDF]
May 19 Agenda [PDF] Minutes [PDF]
June 23 Agenda [PDF] Minutes [PDF]
July 28 Joint Meeting with PHHS Agenda [PDF] Minutes [PDF]
July 28 Agenda [PDF] Minutes [PDF]
August 25 Agenda [PDF]  Minutes [PDF]
September 8 Agenda [PDF] Minutes [PDF]
September 22 Agenda [PDF] Minutes [PDF]
October 27 Agenda [PDF] Minutes [PDF]
November 24 Agenda [PDF] Minutes [PDF]
December - No Meeting    


2013 Board of Health Agendas & Minutes

Date Agenda minutes
January 28 Agenda [PDF] Minutes [PDF]
February 25 Agenda [PDF] Minutes [PDF]
March 25 Agenda [PDF] Minutes [PDF]
April 22 Agenda [PDF] Minutes [PDF]
May 20 Agenda [PDF] Minutes [PDF]
June 24 Agenda [PDF] Minutes [PDF]
July 22 Agenda [PDF] Minutes [PDF]
August 26 Agenda [PDF] Minutes [PDF]
September 23 Agenda [PDF] Minutes [PDF]
October 28 Agenda [PDF] Minutes [PDF]
November 25 Agenda [PDF] Minutes [PDF]
December - No Meeting          


Board of Health Program Highlight Presentation