McHenry County Department of Health

Public Health Ordinance


NOTICE: The McHenry County Board of Health is proposing revisions to the McHenry County Public Health Ordinance. The proposed changes have been approved by the Board of Health and require review and adoption by the McHenry County Board. To find out more about the proposed changes, please click here

The Public Health Ordinance has been adopted by the McHenry County Board of Health and the McHenry County Board and sets forth guidelines to protect public health in McHenry County. The Public Health Ordinance is comprised of several Articles, with each Article addressing a separate public health concern. The Public Health Ordinance is applicable to both the incorporated and unincorporated areas of the County.

Article #

Ordinance TITLE


Article I General Provisions [PDF]  
Article II Definitions [PDF]  
Article III Declared Nuisances [PDF]
Open Burning [PDF]
Swimming Pool, Spa & Hot Tub Barriers [PDF]
Article IV Food Establishments and Vending of Food and Beverages [PDF]  
Article V - VIII Repealed (rolled into IV)  
Article IX Private and Non-Community Water Supplies for McHenry County [PDF]  
Article X Wastewater & Sewage Treatment and Disposal for McHenry County [PDF]  
Article XI - XVI Not Used  
Article XVII Animal Control [PDF]  

Please note that there are multiple other governmental agencies at the state and federal levels that regulate various Public Health concerns.  The list above contains only Public Health Ordinances adopted by the McHenry County Board and Board of Health, that are currently in effect.