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Adult Programs

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Standard Adult Probation Officers
The officers conduct all court ordered investigations, evaluations, and reports and supervise probationers according to standards set by the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts. The standard officer places their highest priority on maintaining contacts with defendants, which are satisfied by office visits and supplemented with visits into the community enforcing case plans.

Intensive Probation Officers
Intensive Probation Supervision (IPS) is a prison diversion program designed to save Illinois taxpayers' money, without sacrificing community safety. The persons placed on IPS are held to more stringent standards and are more highly supervised than defendants on standard probation. IPS is usually considered last step before being sentenced to the Department of Corrections.

Pre-Trial Services
Pre-trial services provide initial bond reports on remanded (non-capital) felons to the judges and supervise defendants released into the community pending disposition.

Specialized DUI Officer
The Specialized DUI Program is designed to monitor the high-risk repeat offender. Cases are evaluated as being either chemically dependent or having a prior DUI conviction within a five year period. The DRIVE group continues to be an active component of the DUI Program. The purpose of the group is to educate and motivate the DUI offender to acceptance of change through interaction with other offenders, training exercises, and guest speakers.

Specialized Drug Probation
Specialized Drug Probation (SDP) is a structured, treatment-oriented program for chemically dependent adult offenders. The SDP officers work in close conjunction with treatment providers across the county and refer those in need to the proper treatment facility.