Treasurer's Office - Glenda L. Miller, McHenry County Treasurer

Passport Information


Passport applications can be submitted through our office during the hours of 7:15am to 4:30pm. Passport photos are available on site.

Effective Immediately
All fees to the US Department of State must be paid by PERSONAL CHECK OR MONEY ORDER.

Fees for the execution of the passport, postage, and photos can be paid to the McHenry County Treasurer by CHECK, CASH OR CHARGE.*Please note that a $5 fee will be charged when using a credit or debit card for payment. *

Note: If you are leaving in less than four weeks, we recommend that you expedite your passport. In doing so you will receive your passport in approximately 3 weeks. Passport Cards cannot be expedited.  Normal delivery of a passport book or card is approximately 4 to 6 weeks.

  with photos without photos
Adult Passport Book only



Child Passport Book only



Adult Expedite Book



Child Expedite Book



Adult Passport Card only



Child Passport Card only



Adult Book and Card at same time



Child Book and Card at same time




For more information, please see the US Department of State website.