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Volunteer and Mentoring Opportunities

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Volunteer Opportunities at the Workforce Center

Volunteer and gain some great experience! 
Looking for some solid volunteer experience you can use to beef up your credentials? How about using your business professional background to help your fellow dislocated workers get back to work. 
We continue to look for retired, current, or job-seeking business professionals who would be willing to share their time conducting the following activities:  

  • One-on-one mock interview sessions.
  • One-on-one resume critique sessions.
  • Facilitation of an industry-related networking group (i.e., an offshoot of the Network to Success Job Club in a specific industry, such as IT, entrepreneurial, or the green industry).
  • Facilitation of our Computer Basics Lab - sharing very basic computer knowledge (guiding online job search activities, basic word processing, email set-up, etc.) with fellow job seekers.
  • Topic-specific computer workshops - Basic Word, Intermediate Word, Basic Excel, etc.

If you are interested in gaining valuable experience that you can add to your resume, while helping fellow job seekers, please email Jake Rohn or call 815-334-2785. 
Through giving, you can get a lot back!

Youth Mentors Wanted

Have you considered sharing your knowledge with tomorrow's workforce?
We continue to look for new employer partners in McHenry County to mentor and provide work experience to our McHenry County youth program participants. All salary and costs of these employees will be paid for through our youth program.

This is a unique opportunity for you to get some well-deserved assistance with your workforce, and in the process, help a young person learn important job and vocational skills. Eligible participants are between the ages of 14-21 and represent a large range of skills and abilities.

We want to make sure that the participant(s) that you host will be a good match for you, taking into account your environment, hours, and the skills required. A youth program case manager will work with you to identify "best fit" and to help in the mentoring process. We also ensure that all federal, state and local labor requirements are met.

We understand that during these difficult economic times, you may not be able to get the help you need. We want to make a positive difference - both for the under-utilized youth workforce and for the employers of McHenry County - by bringing these two forces together.

Please contact Barbara Billimack or Tracy Butler at the McHenry County Workforce Network Youth Center at 815-206-5201. We look forward to working with you!